Wine And Liquor Labels

Multipack Labels is one of the prominent wine label manufacturers in India.

Wine And Liquor Labels

We have been manufacturing liquor & wine labels since a decade. We manufacture wine bottle labels / liquor bottle labels for companies including INDAGE GROUP (owners of Chantilli & Figuera and many other brands).

Whether it's just a few bottle or millions, our pleasant & experienced staff will help you with your packaging and labeling requirements from scratch. As a one-stop sticker manufacturer we cater to our clients every labelling need.

Our wine labels enhances the visual appeal of your brand by giving you the latest value added services like screen-printing, textured effects and metallic inks. Our self-adhesive technique help your customers differentiate your product from other products on a congested shelf.

Our flexographic label printing machines, the two mighty Gallus’s, is used worldwide by sticker manufacturers to print millions of beverage labels in a single day. Gallus can print any type of sticker labels that is required by a customer.

All our systems and printing techniques are modeled on the German Printing systems.

Latest developments in food labels

  • Wet strength liquor bottle label.
  • Pressure sensitive Labels that withstand freezing temperatures.
  • Invisible packaging labels.
  • Wine bottle label with cold foils.
  • Metallic bottle labels.
  • Embossed printed stickers in roll form.
  • Product labelling using lamination.
  • Transparent labels.
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