Cosmetic And Healthcare Labels

We Specially manufacturer of cosmetics labels skin,hair care and beauty Mascara. Foundation. Lip Gloss. Eyeshadow. Eyeliner. Lip Balm. Primer + Shine Control

Self adheisve sticker label rolls for Ayurvedic health, skin care and hair care products , food items, skin care products like soap, shampoo, skin cream, Hygiene related product and health products like the medicines based on Ayurveda labels rolls supply as per customer requirements.

Also Supply below producr labels rolls with few other indurty as per below

  • Skin and Face Care labels rolls
  • Hair Care sticker label rolls
  • Dental Care labels
  • Food Supplements label rolls
  • Herbal Oils self adhesive labels
  • Vati (Tablets) labels
  • Churans Powders labels
  • Kwaths (Mixtures) sticker labels rolls
  • Gugguls labels
  • Syrups sticker label rolls
  • Balms / Ointments self adhesive labels
  • Misc labels
  • DVDs labels
  • Homeopathy labels
  • Essential Oils labels
  • Books labels
  • Vitamins labels
  • Organic Grocery lables
  • Liquid Extracts lables

Multipack Labels is one of the leading cosmetic and healthcare Label manufacturing companies in India.

Cosmetic And Healthcare Labels

We understand that packaging of FMCG products plays an important role in defining the brand, and in reducing confusion and clutter among brands. We provide you with Cosmetic Labels & Healthcare Labels that increase the visual appeal of your product manifold and help users differentiate your product from other product on a crowded shelf. We as a high quality label manufacturing company help enhance your product's appeal by giving your product labels an appearance that reflects your brand's superior image and quality. personal care labels are manufactured to meet customer specifications and requirements. All label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior cosmetic and healthcare labels quality. Our machinery, systems and infrastructure is on par with the best German Label manufacturing companies.

We stock a wide variety of films like PE, PVC, PP, PET which can be clear (transparent),semi clear or opaque and are widely been used in this label printing industry. Our product labels are durable, eye catching, practically tear-proof and moisture resistant.

Latest Trends in Personal Care / Cosmetic Labels

  • Label printing using transparent and opaque films like Polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester self adhesive labels.
  • Squeezable self adhesive labels which are used in tubes and bottles that need to be squeezed several times.
  • Invisible "no look " printed labels/printed sticker in roll form.
  • "Soft touch " sticker labels .
  • Screen printed labels to add texture.
  • Hot and cold foil self adhesive labels.
  • Embossed self adhesive bottle labels.
  • Label manufacturing using laminations.
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