Induction Sealing wad and liner for Dairy , Milk , Yogurt

One Piece Sealing Wads, Two Piece Sealing Wads, High Barrier Sealing Wads, Induction Heat-Seal Wads and Induction Seal Liners and Wads , one piece or two pieces PET, HDPE and PP containers , plastic and glass containers , Gold aluminum foil seal liner, Foil coated induction seal liner, Silver Coating induction liner, Logo and brand company name printed Wad and liner

We offer many different Industries to Our silver and gold foil coating Induction wads and liner same use for induction cap sealing machine one-line like Induction Seal liner & Wads for Agro Chemical , Induction Seal liner & Wads for Insecticides , Induction Seal liner & Wads for Pesticides, High Barrier Induction Seal liner , Induction Seal liner & Wads for Speciality Chemicals PET Bottles and HDPE Bottle quality raw material and customize it on the bases of layers and colors. Induction Seal liner and wads that we offer are available as 2, 3 , 4, 5,6 layered, 8 layered and gold colored and the whole series of these Seal liner includes.

Bayer Description

  • Backing Material Pulp Or Suitable Alternate backing 550- 700 gsm
  • Wax 15-20 gsm
  • Paper (optional ) 60 gsm
  • Aluminium Foil 25 microns
  • PET film 12 micron
  • PE Film 55 microns
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