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We Specially manufacturer of cosmetics Shrink Sleeve labels skin,hair care and beauty Mascara. Foundation. Lip Gloss. Eyeshadow. Eyeliner. Lip Balm. Primer + Shine Control , self adhesive label rolls for Ampoule, vial and bottle Self adhesive label rolls supply to Syrup bottle , Oral Liquid bottle , Dry powder vials, suspension bottle Shrink Sleeve labels and Labeling Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products , Nutraceuticals Shrink Sleeve labels for bottle and Jar nutrition ,Protein Powder Jar Shrink Sleeve labels

We are started manufacture shrink sleeve labels in rotogravure printing up to 9 colors in different sizes and colors. Shrink labels can be applied no matter of any odd shape, squire shape and oval shape of bottles.

Shrink Sleeve printing label rolls for Ayurvedic health, skin care and hair care products , food items, skin care products like soap, shampoo, skin cream, Hygiene related product and health products like the medicines based on Ayurveda Shrink Sleeve labels rolls supply as per customer requirements.

Our shrink labels can be applied on glass, metal, plastic or any other metal or plastic and shrink labels can take shape of the container after shrinking. After shrinking it looks like as if the printing is done on the container or bottle.

We offer customize shrink labels in in filled and emty bottle any shape and design bottle sleeving . We can also specially print metalized gold printed labels as per customer demand. Metal effect labels are specially used in cosmetics industries and some pharmaceuticals products. We have capacity to make decorative sleeves up to 360 degree printing with skin tight effect which goes on your bottles and Jar.

We can also make promotional heat shrink labels. This label can be applied on two or three bottles all to gather. No matter the bottles are small or big or any size. We can make tamper evident personalized shrink labels

Also Supply below producr Shrink Sleeve labels rolls with few other indurty as per below

  • Skin and Face Care Shrink Sleeve labels rolls
  • Hair Care Shrink sleeve label rolls
  • Dental Care Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Food Supplements label rolls
  • Herbal Oils self adhesive Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Vati (Tablets) Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Churans Powders Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Kwaths (Mixtures) sticker Shrink Sleeve labels rolls
  • Gugguls Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Syrups sticker label rolls
  • Balms / Ointments self adhesive Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Misc Shrink Sleeve labels
  • DVDs Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Homeopathy Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Essential Oils Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Books Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Vitamins Shrink Sleeve labels
  • Organic Grocery lables
  • Liquid Extracts lables

We use reliable and quality assured material to develop our PVC shrink labels. These labels are broadly used for various products.

PVC is the simplest and cost-effective material to be controlled in the shrink process. Known to offer good scuff resistance, it is available in Pasteur sable & steam grades. These can also be customized as per the specifications of sizes and microns, provided by our clients.

Specifications of Shrink Films

In shrink films, the machine direction symbolizes the shrinkage (lengthwise) and the transverse direction symbolizes the shrinkage (width-wise). Some of its specifications include:

  • 30 mic, 35 mic and 40 mic
  • Shrinkage ratio in Machine Direction is 3%-5%
  • Shrinkage ratio in in Transverse Direction is 50%-55%

In addition to the PVC Shrink Labels, we also offer PET Shrink Labels and OPS Shrink Labels. These material are differentiated on shrink characteristics and hence are ideal for various applications.

Chocolate Drink Bottle Labels

We provides attractive shrink labels for varied containers of Chocolate Drink Bottle Labels.

Edible Oil Sleeves & Labels

For the edible oil various shaped containers we provide multicolored labels, plain sleeves and pouches.

Coconut Oil Bottle Labels

We offer the best quality plain, Multicolored PVC Shrink Labels for Coconut Oil bottles.

Inhaler Labels

We are providing plain, printed sleeves for single or bulk packging of Inhaler. We offer printed labels for Inhaler and various types of ointments.

Hing Bottle Labels

For the container of Hing we provides plain, single colored and multicolored sleeves and labels.

Manjan Bottle Labels

We offer the best quality of multicolored sleeves and labels for Manjan Bottles.

Ghee Bottle Labels

We provide the best quality Multicolored PVC Shrink Labels, sleeves for various shapes and sizes of GHEE Jars and containers.

PVC Shrink Sleeves labels and pouches

We offer the best quality Plain / Multicolored PVC Shrink Labels and pouches at highly economical prices. We manufacture Multicolored PVC Shrink Labels using superior quality raw material. Reverse printed shrinkable sleeves also provide glossy look to the product compared to conventional type of paper labels.

PVC Shrink Sleeves For BOPP Tapes

Plain or printed PVC Shink Sleeves used for various types of BOPP Tapes, Masking and Insulation Tapes.

Packaged Drinking Water Bottle Labels

Reverse printed PVC Shrink labels used for packaged Drinking Bottles Labels

Pesticides Bottle Packaging

Shrink Sleeves and Pouches for packing Aluminium and HDPE Bottles.

Cosmetics Products Packaging

We provides attractive shrink labels for varied containers of Chocolate Drink Bottle Labels.

Herbal Products Packaging

Plain or color printed PVC Shink Sleeves used for various types of Herbal Products.

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