Induction Seal Liner & Wad for Screw Cap

Two pieces Induction Heat Seal covers a wide range of containers, providing a hermetic seal against leaks, contamination and oxidation. Two-piece liners form a fused seal to containers, which must be cut or pierced for removal, leaving an aluminum seal on the container land area. b.) Two pieces Induction liner is used to seal the opening of a plastic or glass bottle with heat seal coating. c.) Basically, Liner consists of Backing and Aluminum Seal layer, and those two layers are attached with wax. After capping a container which Induction Liner is inserted, we seal it by using Induction sealer. Then, attached layer with wax is absorbed in paper board of the backing, leaving Sealing layer including Aluminum to be sealed and separating Backing layer in a cap. d) Application: Drugs - Pharmaceuticals - Windshield Washer Solution - Anti freeze, Motor Oils, Gasoline Additives, Household cleaner, Insecticides, Herbicides at Screw cap, One touch cap, etc. e) Composition note: 2 PC induction seal can be composed with verious materials or plastic substrates and adding different backing materials as this should be sealable at PE,PET,PVC, GLASS, PP, PS etc. Sample available for client test.

Additional Information :

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),D/A,D/P,T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • Port of Dispatch: India
  • Production Capacity: 100/Month
  • Delivery Time: 15 Dyas
  • Packaging Details: AS per client requirement

We offer many different Industries to Our Induction wads and liner same use for induction cap sealing machine one-line like Induction Seals & Wads for Agro Chemical , Induction Seals & Wads for Insecticides , Induction Seals & Wads for Pesticides, High Barrier Induction Seals, Induction Seals & Wads for Speciality Chemicals PET Bottles and HDPE Bottle quality raw material and customize it on the bases of layers and colors. Induction seals and wads that we offer are available as 2, 3 , 4, 5,6 layered, 8 layered and gold colored and the whole series of these seals includes.

  • Induction Seals & Wads for Food
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Jams
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Edible Oil
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Food Flavours
  • Induction Seals & Wads for ketchup
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Lozanges
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Confectionary
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Salad Dressings
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Pickles
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Mouth Freshners
  • Induction Seals & Wads for Condiments, Spices

One Piece Sealing Wads, Two Piece Sealing Wads, High Barrier Sealing Wads, Induction Heat-Seal Wads and Induction Seal Liners and Wads , one piece or two pieces PET, HDPE and PP containers , plastic and glass containers

Induction Seals & Wads for Beverages , Powder Drinks , Flavoured Milk , Juices , Fruit Syrups , Coffee , Concentrate , Tea Leaves , Salad Dressings , Pickles , Mouth Freshners , Condiments and Spices bottle and Jars.

Bayer Description

  • Backing Material Pulp Or Suitable Alternate backing 550- 700 gsm
  • Wax 15-20 gsm
  • Paper (optional ) 60 gsm
  • Aluminium Foil 25 microns
  • PET film 12 micron
  • PE Film 55 microns

A product group ‘PERFECTSEAL’ refers to the range of Induction Seal Liners (HIS) lining materials. Perfect seal provides a hermetic seal and increases the storage life of the product contents. Perfect seal provides the customer with proof of Tamper evidence and acts to discourage pilferage. Perfect seal can be printed or embossed on the surface hence provides an Ideal Platform for further brand promotion & Aesthetic Appeal.

All Induction Sealing Materials can be divided into two components viz: Single Piece Base Liners & the Sealing Film. Sealing Film have the Aluminum Foil available in thickness of as low as 9 Microns to 60 Microns.& a sealant suitable for it appropriate container.

The broadly uses Base Lining Materials in Induction Sealing are:

  • Duplex Board
  • Pulp Board (FBB)
  • EPE

All these base liners can also be laminated with Paper, PE, PET or many other available substrates to get the additional properties along with the basic properties of the base liners.

The broadly used Sealing Material combinations are:

  • Foil / Sealant
  • Paper / Foil /Sealant
  • Foil / Universal Coat
  • Paper / Foil / Universal Coat.
  • PE / Foil / Sealant
  • PET / Foil /Sealant
  • PE / Foil / PET / Sealant
  • PET / Foil / PET / Sealant
  • Paper / Foil / PET /Sealant
  • Sealants are available for sealing containers having Dry & Liquid Products.
  • Sealants suitable for PE, PET, PVC, PP, PS, and Glass Containers are provided.

Single Piece Induction Liner

A product group ‘Single Piece liners’ refers to Induction Seal Liners having no backing materials. These are also available with Pull-tab used for easy removing the Seal from the bottle or Jar.

In Single Piece Induction Liners, The Base liners is laminated to various possible sealing material combinations but are not wax bonded.

  • Aluminum Foil / PE
  • Aluminum Foil / HS-PET
  • Aluminum Foil / Universal Coat.(Peel able)
  • Aluminum Foil/ Universal Coat (Weld)

Perfectseal One Piece Induction Seal Liner materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Two Piece Induction Liner

The Single Piece Base Liners are wax bonded to the Sealing Film viz: Aluminum Foil / Sealant. The wax helps in temporary bonding of the Base Liners to the Foil. Once it passes through the induction Machine, wax melts & the Base Liners retains inside the cap & the bottle rim gets sealed by the Foil & Sealing Film.

Various Possible Combinations of Base Lining Materials & Sealing Materials described above can be made available to serve the customers requirement for maintaining product freshness.

Perfectseal Two Piece Induction Seal Liner materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Lidding Foil Seals

These Foils seals are laminated with suitable sealant & punched in a desired shape. These are available with & without pull-tab.

Precut disc from as low as 17.5mm to 119mm size are available. Circular, Square or Rectangular, any shape can be made available.

Perfectseal Lidding Foil seal materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Printed Graphics for Liners & Lidding Foil Seals

The Foil sealed on the bottle becomes the focal point when a consumer opens the bottle. This is used as a perfect form for strategic communication.

Sealing material combinations & Lidding foils are printable in multiple colors in Random & Registered imprints.

Sealed for your protection’, ‘Quality Sealed Inside’ are some of the advisories available. Apart form this, Custom Logos; Special Prints & even Holograms can be printed to suit the customer requirement. We can give an added advantage to consumer as a centre printing as per the requirement.

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