Self Adhesive Labels

Self Adhesive Labels

Multipack Labels is one of the leading Label Manufacturing companies in India.

Stickers and labels are used across businesses and industries. They serve as an identity for not only the products but also create a special place for the brand of the products among other similar products. In most products, self adhesive stickers in India are used. Companies prefer this range of stickers because of the quality and the diversity in application. There are a number of advantages in the use of these stickers, which a self adhesive label manufacturer in India, such as Multipack Labels, would generally benefit from. Some of the advantages of these stickers include, the ability to make them in any size, shape and finish. The finish may be clear or transparent or it could also be opaque with printing. The multiple forms that the stickers may be made in, is the biggest USP of the product.

A lot of stickers and labels, issued by a self adhesive label manufacturer in India, fall short on quality, however, we at Multipack Labels, ensure that our stickers may be able to handle and withstand any type of climatic and storage conditions. This means that the stickers that we offer are long lasting and do not give way in conditions that are different than normal. Our state of the art machinery and infrastructure, teamed with professional practices, ensure that our clients get the best possible products in the self adhesive sticker and labels range. Professionalism in combination with the determination to serve only the best, drives our intent and process of manufacture.

Our deep knowledge and experience of self adhesive label industry and customer requirements allows us to provide labeling solution to any product of any industry. All label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior self adhesive label quality. Our label manufacturing company is committed to quality labels. We consider ourselves to be one of the extremely few customer centric label printers in India who listen carefully to a customer's requirement before suggesting a labeling solution. Traditionally we have been self adhesive label manufacturers for India's biggest companies.

Since inception, we have been extraordinarily careful and consistent in our quality, delivery, pricings and catering to our customer's minutest needs. This has made us one one of the top label printing companies in India. As one of the fore runner Label Manufacturing Companies, we are in the process of As one of the fore runner Label Manufacturing Companies, we are in the process of installing another two of most sophisticated and state of the art 10 colour UV label converting machine by this year. This would considerably add on to our already existing large capacity

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